Policies -Circulation


  • Books are checked out for two weeks and may be renewed for an additional two-week period unless the item is on hold for another patron.
  • Patrons may not have more than 25 items checked out at a time.


  • Only adults (those patrons who are 18 years of age or older) may check out videos. The limit is four (4) movies per household.
  • Fiction videos may be checked out for two (2) days, and nonfiction videos may be checked out for two (2) weeks.
  • Videos may not be renewed. There is a $1.00 per day late charge for movies that are overdue.


  • Only the most recent issue of a periodical cannot be checked out. At Main Library these are in binders. Checkout for periodicals is two weeks.
  • Patrons may only check out five (5) magazines with the same title.


  • Newspapers may not be checked out.
  • Our archives contain regional papers for the past month. The Kentucky Standard back issues are kept until microfiche copies of the issues arrive.

Interlibrary Loans (ILLs)

  • Patrons must have a library card, not have an overdue item, and not owe a fine of more than $3.00.
  • ILLs may only be made for books older than one year.
  • ILL requests may be made over the phone.
  • The fine for late ILL books is $1.00 per day. Due dates for ILL books vary depending on the date that the lending library requests the book be returned. The ILL Loan Librarian writes the due date on a special book sleeve.
  • Branches may receive ILL requests if the patron is willing to pick up and drop off the book at the main library.

Computer Use Policy

  • A Nelson County Public Library Internet and Computer Use Agreement form must be read and signed in order to use the Library’s computers. Ask for a copy at the circulation desk.
  • Patrons under the age of 18 must have a Nelson County Public Library Internet and Computer Use Agreement form signed by a parent or guardian prior to using library computers or observing someone else using a library computer.
  • Computer users need their library card to sign on to a computer or to get a reservation at the circulation desk.
  • Computers are not to be turned off at any time except by library staff.
  • Floppy disks may be purchased for 50 cents at the circulation desk.
  • Violations of the Library’s Internet and Computer Use Policies will result in forfeiture of computer privileges.

Computer Usage Violations

  • When someone is observed, by other patrons or staff, displaying an offensive site, we first give them a verbal warning and tell them that if they are seen viewing an offensive site again, they will be unable to use the computers for 3 months. Be sure to put a note on that person’s name stating that they were given a warning, the date and your initials.
  • If the person is observed displaying an offensive site again, they will be unable to use the computer for 3 months.  Tell them that if it happens again, their computer privileges will be taken away indefinitely. Be sure to update the note on their account stating they will be unable to use the computer for 3 months, the date (of the new entry), and your initials. You also need to put a “Block” on their name.
  • Once they are observed displaying an offensive site the 3rd time, their computer privileges are permanently taken away.  Note this on the patron’s account and take Int privileges off their name, i.e. JInt to J or AInt to A.
  • If you are not comfortable approaching a patron who has been looking at an offensive site, feel free to ask the director of his/her designee to speak to him or her.  If there is every another issue or problem with the policy, the director or his/her designee will gladly take care of it.
  • The purpose of theprocedure is not to control the sites patrons select but to protect the rights of other patrons and staff utilizing this public facility.

Revised Scheduling Policy

Due to the volume of computer usage requests, scheduling of public access computers will be regulated as follows:

  • Patrons may use public access computers for a maximum of 2 hours per day.  Patrons may access a computer for two sessions if needed.
  • Sessions are scheduled in one-hour increments.

atrons cannot check out materials if there is more than $3.00 on their account. Patrons may use the computers if they pay a minimum of $.50 on their fine.