Library Staff

Library DirectorSharon Shanks
Assistant Director-Adult and Young Adult Programming – Carol Elliott
Assistant Director, Collection Development -Angela Howard
Children’s Librarian -Stephanie King
Children’s Library -Anne Gilkey
Children’s Library -Michelle Hamilton
Reference, “Tween” Programming -Catherine Williams
Technology Coordinator, Web Maintenance, YA Programming– Emily Burkot
Interlibrary Loan and Circulation– Peggy Walker
Interlibrary Loan and Circulation– Margaret Scites
Collection Development and Circulation– Angel Vales
Technical Services/Cataloging – Joyce Blair
Technical Services and Collection -Shirley Harrell
Circulation and Purchasing -Carrie McDonald
Circulation Librarian– John Burke
Circulation Librarian– Dominique Lydian
Circulation and Cataloging– Michael Greenwell
Circulation and Children’s Library -Lisa Moore
Circulation and Children’s Library– Demitria Jenkins
Circulation and Receiving-Ryan Moses
Circulation and YA Programming– Corbin Barker
Circulation– -Whitley Spalding
Facilities and Delivery– Jim Pataluna
Bookmobile Librarian— Eileen Peterson
Bloomfield Branch Manager– Rhonda Olliges
Branch Librarian-Glenda Owens
New Haven Branch Manager-Linda Clark
Branch Librarian-Pamela DiTursi