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Can’t find a dictionary? Word Central to the rescue! Find word definitions – and even add to a silly word list created by other kids or learn to write in a special code.
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Children’s Events Facts/Reference Society and Government
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Fact Monster
Those Were the Days
Current Events
Writing & Grammar Home and Family
Research & Style Manual
Works Cited – Grades 1-6
Grammar Gorillas
Science and Math History/Geography Books
History & U.S. Presidents
State Information
Good Reads
Book lists by grades and subject, lists
of Award winning books, and recommended
sites for books and children.
Animals and other Living Creatures
The Adventures of Herman
How to make a worm bin with a special section for teachers.
The Constellations and Their Stars
Current Events
The latest news in a safe, kid-friendly environment.

Scholastic News Zone
For grades 2-6. News, lesson plans, games, quizzes, movies, TV, music and sports.

Time for Kids
Companion web site to the Time for Kids Magazine.

Weather and Environment
FEMA for Kids
Information about the organization and how they help people who have been in a disaster. There are also tips for what to do during a disaster and what to do before a disaster happens.

From National Ocean and Atmospheric Association

Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government for Kids
Information arranged by grade with a special section for parents and teachers and has a good site index to help you find what you need.

Department of Treasury for Kids
Includes links to several government sites for kids including the U.S. Mint, Bureau of Engraving and printing, and Savings Bonds.

FDA Kids Home Page
Interactive lessons and games teach children about animals, food safety, medical devices, and vaccines.

FEMA for Kids
From the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Children learn how to be prepared for disasters. Includes resources for parents and teachers.

First Gov for Kids
Developed and maintained by the Federal Consumer Information Center. Provides links to federal government sites for kids and a selection of the best kid sites from other organizations.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Resources by grade level. Includes weather, climate change, earth science, oceanography, and space.

United Nations CyberSchoolBus
United Nations children’s web site explains the origin and function of the United Nations. Included are curriculum suggestions for teachers. Students can e-mail questions to ambassadors of different countries asking about their governmental policies.

Whitehouse for Kids
Biographies of the President and Vice-President and the wives plus Bush family pets provide information about the White House, a history quiz, and more. For more information about the White House and federal government click on the White House Link to go back to the main White House page.

A+ Math

Figure This! Math Challenges for Families
Games flashcards, worksheets and a homework helper.

Brain Teasers from Kids Place
Challenges for families for classrooms. New questions posted each Wednesday for three different grade groups.

Fresh Baked Fractions
Have fun learning about fractions.

Links for Parents
Great Web Sites for Kids
The American Library Association recommends age appropriate web sites. Some really great suggestions here.

Critical Evaluation Information
Critical evaluation surveys for students and teachers and more practical information.

Evaluating Web Sites
Practical advice for evaluating web resources.