Getting a Library Card


  • Patrons must have a photo I.D.,or some form of mail with a current name and address.
  • Patrons who do not have verification of their address will not be allowed to check out items from the library, but they may use library computers.
  • Patron’s cards will be mailed to their home address.


  • Children must be 6 years old to receive a library card. The rules below apply until they are 18 years old.
  • Children’s applications must have the name of a parent or guardian who will be responsible for that child. Preferably that person will be present to sign the child’s application.
  • If parents or guardians are not present when a child gets a library card, a postcard will be sent to the child’s home.
  • Children who receive cards without a responsible party present will not be allowed to check out more than three (3) items on that first visit.


  • Nonresidents may be issued cards following the same rules as other patrons.